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Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church is the sister church of Morning Star Baptist Church. The church was founded by Rev. Jasper in 1962. Rev. Jasper served as pastor from 1962-1966. After his death, Rev. Denman served as pastor from 1966 to 1970. As the time pasted, Rev. Qualls was appointed in 1970, and our membership was approximately 54 members until 1972. During his leadership, Deacon Johnny Grave was ordained and blueprints were drawn for the location of our new building. Even after Rev. Qualls departure, God continued to bless us with the best leaders. God gave us a pastor according to his own heart on February 16, 1972. A business meeting was held and the late Rev. K. C. Jones was called to pastor Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church.

At that time he had only 10 active members. Under the leadership of Rev. K. C. Jones Deacon Johnny Graves continued to be a faithful deacon. With the help of the almighty God, Pastor Jones and the congregation were blessed to build a new building. The congregation grew from 34 members to approximately 150 members. On January 3, 1973, Rev. Jones appointed Rev. Johnny McClain Jr. as the assistant pastor of the church. In a mighty way god blessed us to enter our new building in 1974. From that day forward Rev. Jones dedicated 15 years of faithful service and his membership grew to 350 active members until his death in September of 1984. After the home-going of Rev. K. C. Jones, a business meeting was held on Wednesday, September 19, 1984 when the assistant pastor Rev. Johnny McClain Jr was call to pastor the Greater Star congregation. Since the inception of Rev. McClain our membership has continue to grow. God has bless us with a pastor with good teaching abilities, good leadership, knowledge, faith and the strength to hold out and hold on to god’s unchanging hand. Under the leadership of Rev. McClain the congregation worked very hard to acquire additional property to expand god’s house. With our prayers, hard work and finances we paid off the church note and pews. And the blueprints for the new additional building had been drawn.

While waiting for our plans to be approved by the city, on August 18, 1999. Our church building was destroyed by fire. Our worship service was held at the Depreist Evangelist Baptist Church. After holding service there for four months we then moved to the Baptist District Camp Ground for one week, and then we moved to the trinity house of praise and stayed there for one month then to the Chatham Elementary School where we stayed for three months. We then moved to the Northside Baptist Church were we stayed for about four months. We thank God for our pastor and his wife who open the doors of their home where we had prayer and teachers meeting, missions, and drill team practice. We also thank God for the Creston Baptist Church and their pastor, Rev. Leroy Ross for their support, who open their doors that we may set up our church office in one of their building. Through the storm and the rain we kept the faith. On May 3, 2000 the foundation for our new church building was laid and on September 17, 2000 we entered our new building. 

In April of 2002 a meeting was held by the pastor and deacons’ concerning the parking lot and the remodeling on the fellowship hall, as of May 26, 2002, both projects was completed. In 2005 a meeting was held concerning putting a fence around the church and laying a driveway in front of the church. With special giving through our church school both projects was completed in one month. Our next goal is to rebuild or remodel our fellowship hall.

In 2013 our beloved pastor Johnny McClain Jr passed away leaving behind a legacy true to the word of the Lord. Pastor Johnny McClain Jr left a legacy of divine truth, power, faith, and love for his family and church. It was written in the hearts of many followers and his spirit lives on within. In the fall of 2013 a meeting was held by the ministers and deacons to elect in office the Assistant Pastor of Greater Star Rev. R.D. McClain as Pastor of Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church. Since the inception of Pastor R.D. McClain, Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church has been blessed beyond blessed to have an exceptional man of God to lead and teach God’s children with wisdom, love, faith, and support. As Greater Star heads toward the future we strive to do God’s will both faithful and humble in heart and mind as we continue to grow.


As a representation of the Body of Christ here on earth, we strive to do everything with a spirit of excellence. Knowing that it brings glory to Him (Colossians 3:17). We worship God in Spirit and in Truth being Servants to His people returning them to the Father who is the only one able to keep their soul. As servants to His people we seek God's love. Love his people and live His values in our everyday lives.

We Value our Savior and His power to save us.

We Value Teaching every soul we come in contact with the Holy Word of God.

We Value His Anointing that destroys every yoke of bondage.

We Value His Redemptive Power

Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church

Founders & Pastors

Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church

Founding Pastor 

Rev. Jasper  1962-1966 

Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Denman 1966 - 1970 

Greater Star Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Qualls 1970 - 1972

Rev. K. C. Jones 1972 - 1984

Pastor Johnny McClain

Rev. J. McClain Jr 1984 - 2013

Pastor Reginald McClain

Rev. R.D. McClain 2013 - Present